Mary Lambert sings in Marquette

Mary Lambert sings in Marquette

MARQUETTE — Famous singer and poet Mary Lambert performed tonight at the Vandament Arena in Marquette.

Lambert has been nominated for two Grammy Awards and is growing in popularity from her work with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. She was here to perform her own music that talks about many difficult issues.

“The night is usually a mix of spoken word, music, storytelling, and humor as much as possible because I talk about pretty intense things,” said singer and poet Mary Lambert, “I’ve been really open about my life in terms of my traumatic childhood or things that I’ve experienced so for me it’s important to let it show. You know it is emotionally turbulent and intense at times, but hopefully there’s humor and it’s an enjoyable performance.”

Several groups at NMU helped to bring the event together and pay for the entertainment.

“We put in a budget with the student finance committee,” said President of Northern Arts and Entertainment Jordan Paquet, “paid for by the student activity fee and then we use that money with our agent to book all of these artists.”

Lambert arrived in the U.P. on Thursday and enjoyed the sight seeing and local cuisine.