Man charged in death of infant son enters plea agreement

Man charged in death of infant son enters plea agreement

HOUGHTON — A plea agreement was signed in the pre-trial for 27-year-old Benjamin Reilly of Hancock.

Reilly faces felony charges after the death of his infant son, whom reports say he gave an alcoholic beverage to and then placed in an unsafe sleeping environment. A plea agreement was presented at Reilly’s pre-trial that would dismiss multiple felony charges. On the terms of the plea agreement, Reilly pleaded No Contest to one count of second degree child abuse.

In turn, the plea agreement dismisses all other charges Reilly had faced including Involuntary Manslaughter, a 15 year felony and one other count of Child Abuse, a 10 year felony.

In order for the court to accept Reilly’s plea of No Contest, prosecuting attorney Michael Makinen presented the court with the autopsy report of Reilly’s 2 month-old son. The report states the child’s cause of death to be suffocation with alcohol intoxication as a contributing factor. On the date of his child’s death, Reilly tested positive for THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, and psilocin, the active ingredient in psychedelic mushrooms, both of which are controlled substances.

Charges against Reilly related to a break in at Finlandia University were also dropped on the terms of the plea agreement.

Reilly is currently lodged in the Houghton County Jail awaiting sentencing, which will take place in approximately 4 weeks.