Locals learn traditional crafts in honor of Heikenpäivä

Locals learn traditional crafts in honor of Heikenpäivä

HANCOCK — Finnish–Americans in the Copper Country are celebrating an annual festival by teaching traditional Finnish skills.

The 2016 Heikinpäivä festival is under way with classes and events being held in Hancock all month long. Local Finns invited the community to learn a few traditional Finnish skills.

The 5–stringed kantele is a Finnish lap harp. Students learned the basics of the instrument and then practiced a few songs.

In the kitchen, students were taught how to make korvapuusti, a cinnamon roll–type treat.

Korvapuusti Class Student Rebekah Stadius said, “I just took a Finnish Korvapuusti class learning how to make little Finnish biscuits, or pulla as they say in Finland. Well, being a Finnish person, it’s wonderful to have the chance to have the hands–on experience and make them actually yourself instead of just buying them or tasting them, which we do a lot at Heikenpäivä”

More Finnish classes are offered on Monday, January 25th such as “Gluten Free Baking” and an “Arm Knitting” workshop. All of these Heikenpäivä events are leading up to the parade and festival held on Saturday,