Local thrift shop opens its doors to families in need

Local thrift shop opens its doors to families in need

MARQUETTE — For over twenty five years now, St. Vincent de Paul in Marquette closes their doors and re–opens them with a store full of Christmas toys for families who cannot afford them.

The Christmas Giveaway Program allows families in need to fill their shopping carts with toys, kids clothes, and more for free. Thursday alone St. Vincent de Paul helped over five hundred families.

“You know you don’t realize how much Christmas is difficult for some people,” said Marquette St. Vincent de Paul Manager Stephanie Bordeaux, “somebody told me today, ‘it will allow my kids to play sports this year,’ and I never thought of it. But what an amazing that not only they’ll get a Christmas but they’ll get to play whatever they like to play and be able to be part of the community.”

A lot of hard work goes into pulling off the event. This includes year long planning along with incredible community support.

“A lot of it is money donation and we’ve been able to buy them. The Cheer Club has been very helpful and Toys for Tots. There are just so many organizations, I can’t even name them all but without any of it we wouldn’t be able to do that so I’m just so thankful.”

Those who belong to the food pantry are able to participate. The Christmas Giveaway Program concludes for this year on Friday.