Local teacher recognized in state award

Local teacher recognized in state award

MARQUETTE — A local teacher was awarded for her passion and promotion of teaching literacy.

One of the co–recipients of the Michigan Reading Association K–9 Educator Award was found right here in Marquette. Graveraet Kindergarten Teacher Erika Morrison was summarized by the MRA as having a deep understanding of “the nuts and bolts” with teaching beginning readers while sharing her passion for promoting literacy.

“When you’re excited they’re excited,” said Graveraet Kindergarten Teacher Erika Morrison, “and so when you surround kids with a classroom full of literacy and talk to them about experiences where literacy is important, whether it’s reading or writing, they will get excited about it as well.”

With an array of different reading levels amongst students entering school, different methods are used to make learning about literacy more fun: like games, group work, and using as many moving tactics as possible.

“Kindergarten and 1st grade I believe are the grades where kids grow the most,” added Morrison, “because they come in as kids who don’t know how to read, they don’t know what letters are; and then by the end of 1st grade they’re ready chapter books. We have truly the best job in the world. We get to teach kids to read.”

Morrison’s classroom certainly practices what she teaches. She finds her inspiration from students being active and they get their inspiration from the way she teaches.

Morrison is also co–directing the Young Author’s Conference later on this year.