Local store holds 50 cent sale

Local store holds 50 cent sale

MAQRUETTE — St. Vincent De Paul gave everyone a bang for their buck, as they held their annual 50 cent sale. Everything from clothes to linens were 50 cents and children’s clothes were only 25 cents.

St. Vincent Manager, Stephanie Bordeaux said,” After awhile people do request a sale like this. It’s a good way for parents to stock up for the kids and kind of re–do your wardrobe. We sell a lot of kids clothes. Kid go through clothes like there is no tomorrow so it is kind of nice to re–stock and not empty your wallet.

The store holds the sale only a few times a year and children’s clothes are always a big hit with shoppers.

” You know everything we do here is important. It goes back to our pantry which is not getting smaller. Any little bit helps for us to be able to provide to the community and give back”, said Bordeaux.

The 50 cent sale not only helps out the community, but it also provides the means that are needed to help keep the store up and running.

“You have to come and shop here. I know it is cold. You know we still need the help. We need the help on a daily basis. We need people to shop here”, said Bordeaux.

Bordeaux said the money from the sale will be used towards re–stocking the food pantry and the store.For more information on future sales or events, please visit the St. Vincent De Paul facebook page.