Local bridal show celebrates 30 years

Local bridal show celebrates 30 years

MARQUETTE — Brides have the opportunity this weekend to get all of their wedding planning done all in one place and possibly all in one day. ABC 10’s Sarah Mac has more on a local bridal show celebrating its 30th year.

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If wedding bells are in your future you may already feel overwhelmed with planning. Dan’s Bridal and Tuxedo hopes to alleviate some stress with its 30th annual 2016 Bridal Experience held Sunday in the Great Lakes Rooms at Northern Michigan University.

Owner of Dan’s Bridal and Tuxedo Kay Fure says, “I think everyone looks forward, they know when Kay’s going to have her bridal show every year. So they really look forward to planning their wedding at my event, which has been, you know, a real compliment to us.”

The event will have all kinds of vendors with information on flowers, food and venues. Organizers say, besides all of that, they can’t wait for the bridal gown fashion show.

Business Development Coordinator for Dan’s Bridal and Tuxedo, Kelli Sabowski says, “Just being able to see those on a person, sometimes you can see them on the models and online and in pictures, but being able to really see those up close and how they move on an actual person make a big difference.”

Another point that Kay and Kelli would like to make when it comes to the fashion shows is that there’ll be dresses available there that’ll fit most any budget, style, shape or size, whether you’re possibly 6″1′ or 5″1′.

Kelli says to make the most out of the bridal experience bring a checklist with you.

“Meet with every vendor, really get information, ask lots of questions,” Kelli added, “have some questions prepared for your florist for your caterer about their menu. You know, how does set up go? So you have all of that information when you’re ready to make your decision.”

She also advises to utilize your maid–of–honor, groom, or whoever you have with you to divide and conquer.

The event is free, all you need to do is register.

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