Airline adds first-class amenities for local fliers

Airline adds first-class amenities for local fliers

SAWYER — Passengers traveling to and from Marquette will now get to experience a more luxurious flight.

American Airlines is modifying its American Eagle fleet of regional jets to add advanced Wi–Fi technology. Travelers will now have the option of staying connected with any Wi–Fi enabled device while in the air.

Director of Operations, Steve Schenden said, “It is exciting for us to upgrade, but the main thing for us is the larger planes and more passengers. Right now we are filling all of the planes coming in here. We are actually forcing people to go to other places. So, there are additional seats and they are adding a weekend flight too. Those additional seats everyday and every week will be a big plus for Marquette.”

The airline is also considering adding additional flights to Sawyer.

American Airlines will substitute these larger two–class jets while these modifications are underway.

“Duane Duray, airport manager will be going next month to talk to a couple different airlines to talk about some possibly different flights with a consultant. So it is looking really good at this time, we are hoping to get a Minneapolis flight and possibly another flight in here.”

Passengers will also get to enjoy the benefit of a roomier aircraft, along with first–class amenities.

The upgrade will continue through April 2016.