Library millage on Tuesday’s ballot

Library millage on Tuesday’s ballot

FORSYTH TOWNSHIP — The Presidential Primary isn’t the only thing on Tuesday’s ballot for many voters in Marquette County.

The Forsyth Township Public Library has a millage request on the ballot. The library is seeking a half of a mil increase to help with costs over the next seven years.

On average, that ends up being a $24 increase per year for taxpayers. Library officials say the millage is needed to continue running its current day–to–day operations.

“We’re right at the wall. We’ve taken a good look at the budget and we have conserved where we can conserve,” said Donna Adams, President of the Forsyth Township Library. “We have just finished with one series of computer classes and we’d certainly like to expand that.”

According to library officials, over 100 people use the library a day. The library serves as the technology center for the township.

Forth and fifth grade students at Gilbert Elementary also visit the library every month.