Library holds contest for new logo

Library holds contest for new logo

MARQUETTE — When you think of your library you may think of books and children’s programming, but now–a–days the library offers even more services.

That’s what librarians and employees at the Peter White Public Library are trying to convey as its they modernize the way local patrons access information and connect with them.

The library’s website is getting a face lift and will soon go live. In the meantime there is a contest to create a new and modern library logo.

Web Designer for the Peter White Public Library Ellen Moore says, “We are a historic institution and we are a very modern institution, and this movement is part of that – you know, having the new catalog, having the new website, having new ways that we use the library.”

The judges for the contest are looking for a logo that looks good on the web and mobile devices.

The winner of the contest will get a $100 prize.

The deadline is March 15, 2016.

For more information or to enter click here.