Leaping to ‘March Is Reading Month’

Leaping to ‘March Is Reading Month’

NEGAUNEE — Students and faculty at Lakeview Elementary School used the extra day in February to kick off March is reading month.

“Ms. Koski’s class loves to read.”

This is the 5th year that Lakeview has participated in March is Reading Month. Reading inspired events will be taking place all month from Winners Read Day to Miner Mayhem Day. The one thing each function has in common is an appreciation for books.

“The goal for March Is Reading Month is to spend the month focusing on reading, “said Lakeview Elementary 2nd Grade Teacher Bethany Koski, “and the entire school joins together and reads one book, so we’re a reading community. That’s not something that you get to do very often from pre-school to 4th grade. For the entire month we’ll have a pacing guide, and we’ll be reading the same children’s classic, The Chocolate Touch.

Koski added that a lot of planning goes into selecting an appropriate book for such a large age range. One of the highlights of the month is Family Reading Night, which takes place on Tuesday the 8th.