Lady Wildcats rebound and take down Hillsdale at the Berry

Lady Wildcats rebound and take down Hillsdale at the Berry

MARQUETTE — After Thursday’s loss, the Northern Michigan women’s basketball team were looking for a quick turnaround on Saturday, and they pulled it off in a tense fourth quarter.

The Lady Wildcats held on for the win at home 64–53. Junior guard Bre Gaspervich finished with 17 points to lead the team. The NMU defense didn’t allow a single Hillsdale player to score in double–figures but the game was close until the end.

“We got the ball going towards the basket and eventually, we didn’t shoot the ball very well all night long from outside and eventually Tess Weatherly hit a big three and then Breana came back a couple plays later and hit another big three. Moving the basketball was probably the biggest thing and getting the ball to the open people and then people have to make shots,” head coach Troy Mattson said.

“I think we just pulled away little by little, stop by stop. And then when it came towards the end, we just knew we had to get every hard rebound and keep pulling away,” said Gaspervich.

“People just made tough plays and get some tough rebounds and get a good stop. Have a huge three, they hit some huge threes down the stretch so all of those were just momentum–builders to help us pull away,” freshman center Taylor Hodell said.

NMU is at 6–6 within the conference now, a feat that seemed challenging at the beginning of the season given the relative inexperience of the team as a whole.

“Things will start to fall in place but we got to concentrate on finishing out this year. And making sure that we give ourselves the best chance to play good down the stretch and I think that will show a lot towards our maturity going into the future. I can’t say enough about this freshman class. They all have to play. And they’ve given good minutes at times. But it has to start being consistent every minute they are out there and every game,” Mattson said.

The Lady Wildcats will be back on the court Thursday at Lake Superior State.