Jason Allen announces candidacy for 1st Congressional District

Jason Allen announces candidacy for 1st Congressional District

MARQUETTE — With Congressman Benishek stepping down, the race for the 1st Congressional District is heating up.

Republican Jason Allen announced his candidacy for the seat this afternoon in Marquette. Allen, says he’ll be a conservative voice for Upper Michigan and has big plans to help grow the economy.

“If you look at the myriad of tax codes, if you look at the myriad of regulations, especially in the manufacturing and food processing areas, it becomes so cumbersome to get businesses started. We’ve got to reduce the burdens on small business so they can start to be entrepreneurs to create those next generations of jobs,” said Allen.

In addition, Allen wants to make sure the large population of veterans in the area are getting the care they deserve. He already has experience working with Governor Snyder on this issue, and wants to carry on.

“The struggle is that the federal government and has so much bureaucracy and paperwork it is a struggle for veterans to access healthcare. We have got to create a more localized, veteran-centric program and I’m passionate about this because it is a real disservice to those men and women who serve our country,” Allen added.

Allen is from Traverse City. He has a wife, Suzanne, and three daughters.