Jail time given to man arrested on explosives charges

Jail time given to man arrested on explosives charges

MARQUETTE — A former Marquette resident arrested on explosives charges in August is headed back to jail.

Twenty-eight-year old Christian Nutini appeared in Marquette County Circuit Court this morning to receive a sentence of one year in jail and two years probation. Nutini pleaded guilty to possession of explosives with intent earlier this month.
The plea agreement recommended incarceration in the Marquette County Jail rather than prison — a stipulation to which Judge Jennifer Mazzuchi agreed.

“Frankly, my behavior in this incident, and over the last year and a half to two years has been reckless and not only dangerous to myself, but likely to the community,” Nutini said when asked if he had anything to say prior to delivery of his sentence.

Judge Mazzuchi said, “You’re starting to accumulate a paper trail that suggests you’re one kind of person, and there are many indicators in this report that suggest to me that you really aren’t that kind of person, or you have potential to be something else.”

Nutini was arrested by Marquette City Police after investigation into damage to the city’s lift station back in November.

This is Nutini’s second sentence in under a year. He was given sixty days for reckless use of a firearm last May after he discharged a gun in his Marquette home and barricaded himself there for five hours before surrendering to police. He was granted release from that sentence in mid-June to pursue his education.