If we had a billion dollars

If we had a billion dollars

ABC 10 — There has been a Powerball frenzy across the nation. Our news team couldn’t help imagine what we would do if we won the big bucks.

Caleb Scanlon says, “On top of taking care of my friends and family and all the traditional things I would like to do with money, I’d also hire the NMU orchestra along with the theatre gang over at NMU, and I would pay them handsomely to re-enact all of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and then I would also pay some of those people from the orchestra to follow me around and give my life theme music.”

Chelsea Snyder says, “I’d donate the money to a bunch of charities, and then I would buy myself a jet. That way I could travel when ever I want to and as much as I please, and that’s all I would do with a billion dollars.”

Katlin Connin says, “If I won the Powerball, and this is going to sound super cliche, but you would never see me again.I would just disappear. I I’ve always wanted to travel and see a lot of different places in the world, and so if I had a billion dollars at my disposal, I think I would just get on a plane and never come back.”

Andy Kulie says, “If I were to win the Powerball I would become Batman.”

Sarah Mac says, “I would donate some money to the Rainbow Connection, and then I would pay off my student loans, pay off my brothers student loans, buy a house for my boyfriend, and pay off my parents mortgage so they could move where ever they want to during retirement worry free.”

Jerry Taylor says, “If I were to win the Powerball, I would the first thing I would do is payoff my student loans. I would also payoff my car, and a couple other small things. I’d take my family and my girlfriend and her family on a vacation, and then save a lot of money and invest a lot of money as well. If I could splurge on one thing it would be having to buy a golf course.”

Sam Ali says,”If I won the Powerball I would obviously, you know, give back to so many charities that I’m a part of and give money, you know, back to my family and people that I’ve loved, that have helped me get here so far… I’m just kidding man. I would move to an island. I would call it, like ‘Sam World,’ and it would have like just roller coasters, and a water park. And I would buy the Minnesota Vikings, just so I can move them back into my island. That’s what I would do.”