Humane Society hosts ‘Raise the Woof’ 3-act comedy fundraiser

Humane Society hosts ‘Raise the Woof’ 3-act comedy fundraiser

HANCOCK — We’ve all hard of ‘Raise the roof’, but what about ‘Raise the Woof?

ABC 10’s Amanda L’Esperance tells us about an upcoming fundraiser that will support an animal shelter in the Copper Country.

Supporting local non–profits is important for residents of the Copper Country. “Raise The Woof” is a 3–act comedy fundraiser for the Copper Country Humane Society.

The show takes place at the Orpheum Theater in Hancock this Saturday, January 23rd.

Member of the Copper Country Humane Society Board of Directors and an event organizer for Raise the Woof Justin “Mac” Marzke said, “The organization makes it very affordable to bring comedians to our area. We sell the tickets and get the proceeds. The venue is being donated and that’s a really huge savings and a very nice donation. You can buy tickets online at, the studios of Houghton Community Broadcasting, and the Orpheum Theater as well as at the door day of show.”

This is the second year Copper Country Humane Society has held the “Raise The Woof” fundraiser. The humane society gives back to the community in many ways. They’ve recently introduced a spay and neuter program for families who normally couldn’t afford the service.

Marzke said, “We got a grant for a sizeable amount of money that allows us to assist in the cost for spay and neuter for dogs and cats for low and moderate income folks. It’s a real simple application. Spay and neuter is a good thing for everybody. It’s good for the community; it’s good for your animals. It’s well worth a call to at least contact us about that. ”

You can find more information on the “Raise the Woof” fundraiser and the spay/neuter program on the Copper Country Humane Society website. There you can also find information on volunteering, donating and adopting.