High school students tour helicopter factory

High school students tour helicopter factory

MENOMINEE — It is traditional for high school to start researching for the college of their liking this time of year. Today, high school students from Escanaba took a tour of a place that might be a fit for those who choose not to take the college route.

Doctors, lawyers, or engineering are not the only job opportunities available in the U.P. With the help of Michigan Works!, high school students from Escanaba took a tour of Enstrom Helicopter Corporation to explore future career opportunities in aviation.

Business Service Manager for Michigan Works!, Rob Arndt said, ” So far throughout the day they have really loved being at a place like Enstrom Helicopter, which is a manufacturing facility that does everything here to build the helicopter from the ground up. Which is amazing that something like that happens in the UP. We got students who are looking for, maybe not going to college and maybe looking at a skilled trade to give them some idea of the types of jobs that are out there”

The students received an introduction to aviation and learned everything from how a helicopter is built on the inside, to the painting of a helicopter on the outside.

Enstrom Training Coordinator, Justin Salzman said, “It was good to be able to show student how complex aviation is, but yet how the manufacturing setting is not just a dirty and dusty environment and that it is a hospitable environment that is clean and has good wages. It is good to get kids that are hands on that know they are going a different route than the people who want to go to college for four years.”

Some of the students shared their experience and some of the things they learned during the tour.

Freshman student, Nathan Peterson said, “It’s just cool how they make different parts. There are tons of parts that go into building a helicopter and at the final product is looks so cool.”

Senior student, Noah DeMars said, “You have to be very careful with every position and every piece you put in because one wrong piece could mean certain disaster for your helicopter.”

For more information or if interested in touring the facility, please visit http://enstromhelicopter.com/

or http://www.michiganworks.org/