High school class holds ‘Mock Primary’

High school class holds ‘Mock Primary’

ISHPEMING — Students at a local high school also got a taste of the political process today.

The Government 2 Class at Ishpeming High School organized a Mock Primary. Students put together and ran the primary just like a real one.

In order to participate in the Mock Primary, students had to register to vote last week. On Tuesday afternoon, students voted for one of the candidates running for president.

“One of the things that I talk about in my class is for my students to vote. It’s their civic duty,” said Holly Letson, a government teacher at IHS. “The other big thing I talk about is that they should be educated voters and they need to learn all sides and really study the candidates.”

“This election cycle has been really engaging,” said Dominic Bertucci, a senior at IHS. “I’ve seen a lot of candidates that have gotten young people’s attention and we definitely saw that when we were registering voters.”

A total of 151 high school students registered for the primary. After all the votes were added up, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump were named the winners.

The government class also plans on holding a mock election in November.