Gun show still successful after executive orders

Gun show still successful after executive orders

IRON MOUNTAIN — The semi–annual Iron Mountain Gun Show hosted by United Sportsmen of Michigan began just a few hours ago.

Dozens of vendors came from all over the U.P. to fill up the United Sportsmen’s Club. The event supports funding for the litany of events that take place at the club throughout the year.

“We sponsor youth shooting, we provide free shooting for youth, we teach classes for youth shooting,” said United Sportsmen Club Board Member John Fuse,” we do IDAP, we do skeet, we do trap, pistol shooting, indoors and outdoors, and we’re involved with hunter safety. So we do a lot of different events and it takes money to do all of those events and this is one of our money makers to help us do that.”

Multiple people involved with the show stated that President Obama’s recent executive actions have no effect on how the show is ran.

“It hasn’t changed anything. Everything is still status quo. We do everything by the book anyway so we’re not worried about anything.”

The event goes until 7 p.m. central time tonight and will be from nine to three central time tomorrow. The next gun and knife show will be held in September.