Grant money for volunteer-based nonprofits

Many nonprofit groups rely on volunteers to carry out their work.

Funding for these groups isn’t always readily available, but there’s a way for organizations in Marquette County to obtain some extra cash.

The United Way and the Marquette County Community Foundation have joined forces.

They’re offering $6,000 in grant money to help fund volunteer projects in the area.

The money comes from the George Romney Endowment Fund.

“It needs to be a nonprofit organization or a group that can go through a nonprofit organization,” said Community Foundation chief operating officer Gail Anthony about what groups are eligible to apply. “That $6,000 is available every spring for nonprofits to train volunteers or promote volunteers.”

George Romney had a life-long passion for volunteering that included his time as Michigan’s governor in the 1960s.

The deadline to apply is June 14th, and applications are available on the Community Foundation’s website.

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