Got winter blues? Try a vacation

Got winter blues? Try a vacation

MICHIGAN — Each year, Americans fail to use four hundred and twenty nine million vacation days according to Project Time Off. Some may use excuses like having too much work, or there not being options during the winter. Are you one of them?

In Michigan it is generally accepted that all vacation time is used during the summer months, however officials from Travel Michigan say that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Vice President of Travel Michigan Dave Lorenz says, “We really need to re–think this, and realize that we are all better off when we take occasional time off, and in fact I can prove to you with research we have from the U.S. Travel Association that it’s even a benefit to your work environment.”

Studies have indeed shown that vacations are healthy for you. Health Net reports that vacations, whether big trips or small weekend excursions, decrease stress and increase work productivity. The site also says that it decreases depression and risks of heart disease. Lorenz suggests that certain winter activities will improve your physical health, too.

Some examples of those activities in the U.P. include dog sledding, snow shoeing and skiing.