Get creative with a “100 Day Project”

Get creative with a “100 Day Project”

MARQUETTE — For anyone who is interested in getting their creative juices flowing, the third annual 100 Day Project is holding an informational session tomorrow afternoon.

The 100 Day Project seeks to awaken one’s creative spirit through small daily acts for one–hundred days.

100 Day Project Co–Organizer, Ann Russ said, ” One of the questions we often get is I am interested in doing the 100 day project but I don’t know what to do. So we are going to have a series of questions that get people thinking about what they love, what is a gorgeous idea that they’d love to explore for 100 days. Something they are passionate about.”

An informational meeting is set for tomorrow at one o’clock at the Peter White Library.

“When I think about the 100 day project,” Russ added, “we think about it as a creativity excavation. It’s a process of engaging in small daily creative acts everyday for 100 consecutive days. The 100 day project is not about creating perfect art, it’s about the process of creativity.”

This years 100 Day Project theme is “Across the Lake” and is set to begin on January 22nd