Get a piece of the U.P., raise money for charity

Get a piece of the U.P., raise money for charity

KEWEENAW — You can get yourself a piece of Copper Country history and help support local organizations at the same time. ABC 10’s Rick Allen explains how.

They’re not quite worth their weight in gold, but these tiles will help raise money for several local charities. The Keweenaw Community Foundation will be auctioning the tiles off at their upcoming Keweenaw Gold fundraising event. Each tile is a snapshot of a period of time in the Keweenaw’s past.

Executive Director of the Keweenaw Community Foundation Jim Vivian said, “In 1854, Johnson Vivian was appointed the mining captain of the Copper Falls mine. With that, he went through the Clark Mine, the Phoenix Mine, the Menard Mine—roughly a dozen different mines throughout the three county area—and these tiles are very unique and beautiful specimens that represent the history of our area.”

These tiles come from the Clark Mine in Copper Harbor.

It’s the second year that the Keweenaw Community Foundation has used tiles as part of their annual fundraiser.
Last year couldn’t have gone any better.

Vivian said, “I didn’t have enough tiles. Last year we sold out of all the tiles—I had to make extra tiles—and this year, I have twice as many as we did last year and, hopefully, we’ll have enough for everybody that’s interested in supporting our organization.”

The Keweenaw Gold event is being held at the Continental Fire Company in Houghton on March 22nd.