First major renovation brings vast improvement to jail

First major renovation brings vast improvement to jail

MARQUETTE — After being open for forty years, the Marquette County Jail is undergoing its first major renovation.

First major renovation brings vast improvement to jail

Any renovation can be stressful, but the first major renovation since the Marquette County Jail opened in 1976 has gone smoothly so far. That can be credited to cautious and intensive planning and preparation.

“We look at how we’re going to start these things, how we’re going to move inmates around,” said Sergeant James Herrington, “how we’re going to still be able to do things efficiently but in a safe and secure manner as well.”

Once the renovations are completed, the jail will hold a much higher standing of safety and security. Those modifications include a more advanced camera system, a new generator, and more.

“We’re moving away from an open–bar concept to what will be mainly enclosed,” added Herrington, “we’ll be able to open doors electronically.”

All 80 of the cell doors will now swing outward.

“With the outward facing doors it makes it safer for us,” said Deputy Ryan Kainulainen, “and the inmates so they can’t barricade themselves inside the cell and allows us to get in there easier.”

The project which began in October was able to be conducted after a $1.6 million dollar renovation was approved by the Marquette County Board.

All renovations are expected to be complete in March or April.