First-Graders Buy Scales for Seniors

A group of Marquette area first–graders raised money in December to help older residents keep tabs on their health.

And this afternoon, they got to show off what they’ve done.

Rose Thompson lives at Snowberry Heights in Marquette.

Kids from Father Marquette Elementary School gave her a digital scale this afternoon.

The kids raised the money to buy it after learning about the importance of watching weight while getting older.

Rose says she was overjoyed when she heard yesterday that the kids had done this, saying she’s thrilled that they’re learning the importance of giving to others when they’re so young.

The kids raised about $450, enough to buy 20 scales.

They’re bringing the scales to older residents who need one and may not be able to buy one.

Two of the first-graders, Joseph Locke and Cole Johnson, say they’re bringing the scales to older residents who need a scale and may not be able to buy one.

They say they all wanted to buy large-display digital scales because they’re easier to read than other models.

Rose says the scale will come in handy right away because she’s had a lot of sweets this week.

The fact that yesterday was Valentine’s Day isn’t the only reason — this past Sunday was also Rose’s 91st birthday.

Posted by: Mike Hoey

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