First golden eagle admitted to Chocolay Raptor Center

First golden eagle admitted to Chocolay Raptor Center

CHOCOLAY TOWNSHIP — The Chocolay Raptor Center admitted their first golden eagle on Wednesday. The bird is described to be in rough shape and is receiving intensive care at this time.

The golden eagle, which is believed to be a male because of its size was found by a logger between Mass City and Ontonagon. From there the bird was given to the DNR who brought it to the raptor center. Co–founders Jerry Maynard and Bob Jensen said the juvenile was in rough shape. The golden eagle was brought in with a badly injured toe and talon along with severe dehydration but is starting to perk up.

“He was getting more active today,” said Chocolay Raptor Center Co–Founder Jerry Maynard, “we’re feeding it solids. Then tomorrow probably he’s going to lose that toe. The damage is bad enough both in the broken bone and the tissue around it is all necrotic.”

The golden eagle will be transported on Friday to ‘Wings of Wonder’ near Traverse City. Maynard and Jensen are not sure if it will be releasable if it loses a toe.

“But if it’s not releasable, I’m sure we can place it at a raptor center that is licensed for eagles because a golden eagle would be pretty amazing in Michigan. They’re so unusual.”

Golden eagles are not native to Michigan, but they do occasionally pass through. We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.