Fire department teams up with coast guard for ice rescue training

Fire department teams up with coast guard for ice rescue training

MARQUETTE — The Marquette Fire Department teamed up with the United States Coast Guard for their annual training on ice rescues.

The training involves an hour of classroom time and then putting those skills to use at the Cinder Pond Marina. This type of training is critical for the fire department because most of the time they are able to get to the scene before the coast guard can.

“When they show up they bring with them a host of equipment that really facilitates getting that individual out of the ice,” said Marquette Fire Department Lieutenant Jeff Green, “or if they’re on an ice flow and they’ve broken away and there’s open water. They have a small skiff that we’re able to use with them in order to get out to the victim and safely get them back to shore.”

Lieutenant Green added that in order to handle these types of situations in real life, being prepared is the key.

“This type of training is invaluable,” added Green, “because you have an idea of what your personnel can do and what the equipment can do and not have to guess on scene as to how to things might go or should go. So you have a plan in place; the best method to get the person out of the water as quickly and safely as possible.”

Both the coast guard and fire department would like to remind residents to exercise caution when walking on ice and to immediately call for help if someone falls through.