Winter tires, what you need to know

Winter tires, what you need to know

With more and more snow on the roads these days, your tires are the most important part of your vehicle this time of year.

On wet or dry roads, top quality tires in the winter season are a must. Whether drivers choose winter tires or siping all–season tires, getting proper tires in the winter should be number one on your list.

Willey’s Tire Shop Manager, Steven Beauchamp said, “If you’re thinking about snow tires, the best time to put them on would be the middle of October, that’s what we recommend, and then taking them back off in the middle of April. To keep you and your vehicle safe, the snow tire would be the best tire to go with for winter driving. The next would be a good all–season tire, and that would be a tire you would possibly have siped. Then your third option would be to just go with an all season tire. But the best would be an actual snow tire.”

If drivers want to keep their all–season tires, they have the option of siping their tires to help with winter driving.

“We have a machine that will add siping to a tire, so if you don’t want a winter tire we can go with an all–season. What it does is it adds grooves to the tire, then you are looking at a tire with all the grooves cut through and every time you brake and accelerate, all of those grooves are grabbing on the edges.”

It is also recommended during the winter season to have your alignment checked as well as your brakes.