Writers of the Northern Persuasion

April 9, 2016 10:00 am @ 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Finnish American Heritage Center

U.P. Author and Publisher Forum

Featuring over 25 regional authors and publishers offering book sales and publishing information.

Fiction, non-fiction, regional, poetry, book design, photography, children’s and more!

Presentations on writing and self-publishing from 10:15 to 12:30. Author readings from 12:30 to 3:00.

Open Mic night at K.C. Bonkers Toy Store and Coffee
119 Quincy Street, Hancock
6:00-8:00 p.m.

Presentations and readings

All will take place in the art gallery adjacent to the main room

10:15 a.m. “So, you want to be a writer?”—Gretchen Preston
11:00 a.m. “Putting your writing together”—Tyler Tichelaar
11:45 a.m. “The ins and outs of self-publishing”—Stacey Willey, Globe Printing

12:30 Gretchen Preston
12:50 Lynn Domina
1:10 Richard P. Smith
1:30 Tamara Lauder
1:50 Janeen Rastall
2:10 Kathy Johnson
2:30 Mikel Classen
2:50 Beth Maki

Authors presenting and reading
Mikel B. Classen has been writing about northern Michigan in newspapers and magazines for over thirty-five years. With an interest in lost stories, he has authored two non-fiction books: Au Sable Point Lighthouse, Beacon on Lake Superior’s Shipwreck Coast and Teddy Roosevelt and the Marquette Libel Trial and two books of fiction: Lake Superior Tales and Journeys into the Macabre. www.mikelclassen.com

Lynn Domina has authored two collections of poetry, Framed in Silence and Corporal Works. She is the editor of a collection of essays, Poets on the Psalms. Lynn is the head of the English Department at Northern Michigan University in Marquette. www.lynndomina.com

Kathleen Carlton Johnson’s poetry has appeared in Diner, Nassau Review, Connecticut Review, Barley South and Muzzle, to mention just a few. She has authored 10 poetry chapbooks and is known locally for her book of several years ago, called Keweenaw Mom. She will be reading from her latest chapbook, Hotel Normal.

Tamara Lauder is a professional artist who enjoys including inspirational and informational writing in her artwork. Her self-illustrated book Breaking Free Too: Taking a Flight with a Butterfly Toward Self-Discovery offers healing through the arts and is filled with symbolic artwork, interpretive titles and text that addresses the journey of life.

Beth Maki’s book, Maggie Walz and the Early Finns on Drummond Island centers around Finnish-American homesteading on Drummond Island. Maggie Walz is the leading person in this book, whose remarkable journey is told through photos, maps and stories.

Gretchen Preston is the author of the Valley Cat series of beautifully illustrated children’s chapter books featuring two house cats, Boonie and River. History, geography, and facts about nature have been cleverly woven into the text. Visit www.prestonhillpress.com for more information on Gretchen and her books.

Janeen Pergrin Rastall’s poetry has appeared in several publications, including Wayne State University Press and The Raleigh Review. She was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2014 and her chapbook Objects May Appear Closer won the 2015 Celery City Chapbook Contest. Rastall is the author of In the Yellowed House and coauthor of Heart Radicals.

Richard P. Smith has been an outdoor writer and photographer for more than 30 years. He’s written 26 books and produced two DVDs on hunting, wildlife, and other outdoor subjects. Samples of his works include Animal Tracks and Signs of North America, Great Michigan Deer Tales, and a DVD Walking with Whitetails. www.richardpsmith.com

Tyler Tichelaar has written and published fifteen books, including several historical fiction novels set in Marquette, a play, a history book: “My Marquette,” and books of literary criticism and historical fantasy based on the Arthurian legend. Check out his web page at www.MarquetteFiction.com

Stacey Willey is the owner of Globe Printing and has a passion for helping authors realize their dreams. Stacey will be on hand to discuss the steps for self-publishing. She has worked with local authors such as Ben Mukkala, Jerry Harju, Dr. James Surell, and others. www.globeprinting.net

Other Authors and their books:

John Haeussler:
Hancock and Hidden Gems; Towering Tales: A Hancock, Michigan Anthology.

Timothy Seppanen:
Alston: Time’s Misdirection: the Founding of Alston; The Lost Grade: Legacy: The South Range Branch of The Mineral Range Railroad

Steve Lehto:
Death’s Door: The Truth Behind the Italian Hall Disaster and The Strike of 1913; Michigan’s Columbus: The Life of Douglass Houghton; American Murder Houses: A Coast-to-Coast Tour of the Most Notorious Houses of Homicide; The Lemon Law Bible: Everything the Smart Consumer Needs to Know About Automobile Law; Dodge Daytona & Plymouth Superbird: Design, Development, Production and Competition; Chrysler’s Turbine Car: The Rise and Fall of Detroit’s Coolest Creation; Great American Jet Pack: The Quest for the Ultimate Individual Lift Device.

Pamela Kotila:
comic “Spidersilk” (coming to print this summer); ebook “Hiromasa and the Fairy King”

Larry Buege:
Cold Turkey; Bear Creek; Miracle in Cade County; Super Mensa; Chogan and the Gray Wolf; Chogan and the White Feather; Chogan and the Sioux Warrior

Paulette Noble:
A Virtual Reality – Part One: Unleashing Intentions; A Virtual Reality – Part Two: Realizing Intentions; A Virtual Reality – Part Three: Intentions Abound
**Also at this table are books from
R. E. Kelly (Rick):
The Second Age of Man; To Save a Planet; The World According to Luke – Book I: My Life in Knots; The World According to Luke – Book II: The Age of Reason.
Matt Ridgway: Tundra: Valley of the Sun

Laura Smyth:
Adventures in the U.P.; Watermelon; Wandering In My Mind

Stacey Willey from Globe Printing:
Will have Diana Oman book: My Heart Smiles,
and copies of Colleen O’Hara’s book: The Butterfly Woman

Edith Maki:
Common Sense Cooking

Corey LaBissoniere:
Land of Enchantas; Return to Enchantas

“Writers of the Northern Persuasion” is made possible partially through funding from the Michigan Humanities Council, an affiliate of the National Council for the Humanities.



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