The Culture of Cult Art Show in Marquette, Michigan

May 1, 2014 6:30 pm @ 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Ore Dock Brewing Company

Heisenberg, the Man of Steel, Schrute’s Beet Farm, Mr. Burns and Smithers, Cowabunga, the VooDoo child and his Wah-Wah pedal, 88MPH, Megatron & Optimus – does any of this make sense to you? If it does, you’re going to love the collection we’re putting together.

Presenting the first ever “pop-up” North Shore Art Series – titled The Culture of Cult, an art showcase with a theme of all things followed. The Culture of Cult features local, regional, and nationally recognized artists, aimed to bring a new style of event to the Marquette area. Each artist will create their own interpretation of their favorite place, character, scene, or moment in popular culture. We’re looking to create a more vibrant and diverse art scene in Marquette, and with the help of some great local and national sponsors, we need YOU to come make this night a truly awesome experience.

Presented by Elegant Seagulls This show is ONE-NIGHT ONLY! Doors are at 6:30PM, with the reception at 7PM, and is a completely FREE Event! The Culture of Cult will be held at the Ore Dock Brewing Company in downtown Marquette. Enjoy some of their fantastic craft brews, connect with artists, and enjoy a night of great memories, incredible artwork, and pure nostalgia.


Ben Johnson
Nick AAno
Joseph Cornelia
Jim DeBrock
Benjamin DeLano
Micah Gunderson
Dan Pemble
Jeremy ‘Syms’ Symons
Nicholas Swenor
Daric Christian
Josh LeClair
Michael Paddock
Scot Leverett
Christopher Moore
Craig Neeson
Sophia Thomas
Casualties Skate Snow Surf
Dana Kim
Tom O’Connell
Josh Slurms McKenzie
Aaron Draplin
Andy Richardson
Ty Modz
Matthew Jorgensen
Jacob Proffer
Paul Hess
Mark Penxa
Christopher LaRose
Brandi Lynn Violetta
Jackson Monsterblood Thunder
Ashley Poeticy
Andrea Pink


ARISTS: This is a juried art show. To be considered for the Culture of Cult, please email – with a short bio of yourself, some of your past work, and your idea for the show. We’re filling up fast for artists, but we’d love to showcase as much talent as we can. NMU Students welcome, please submit all considerations by April 12.

We can’t thank you enough for expressing interest in this event, we’re looking to create a community within Marquette that showcases progressive talent with current and modern trend of art and culture in the midwest. Clear your schedule and come create something with us!

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