The 3rd Annual Marquette Love Show

February 14, 2016 7:00 pm @ 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Ore Dock Brewing Company

∞ The Creactivation Collective cordially invites you to The 3rd Annual Marquette Love Show ∞

When people share in a focused intention, magic happens • Dreams turn into realities • We are powerful manifestors • Conscious co-creators • When we join forces, hearts and minds, we truly become a connected community banding people together to build healthy and caring systems around us and within us • An empowered community able to bring action to our passions • At a time where the majority’s focus on consumerism takes hold and tries to tell us what love means and how it should be expressed, we have the power to shift our focus inward and share in our eternal love at the core of our beings • Uniting our love to powerfully birth real and positive change where all sentient beings benefit •
This evening, we are gathering through the love of art • Through the love of creation • Through the love of sharing • For this city we love and the people who live here • We are participants in building the type of communities we want to be living in and we are able to bring our love to the projects we believe in • By supporting all facets of each individual in a container of supportive creativity, we honor the path of the collective and can be a model for other communities • Showing and sharing in love • Mirroring how a small seed grows into a majestic tree when nourished • All things working through love, by love, and for love • Come participate and co-create with us • Come share your heART!

≈ Donations raised at the door will be gifted to local non-profit MQT Growth. MQT Growth is in it’s 4th year. They offer hoop house spaces where people can grow their own food. They also hold education programs to help children see where their food comes from to educate them on their food choices. ≈

≈ ˚ • º MUSICAL LINEUP º • ˚ ≈
Kerry Yost
Not Quite Canada

§ ≈ º SPOKEN WORD º ≈ §
Gray Louise Phillips with A. Lynn Blumer. // “N”

••§ ∞ º˚ ARTIST and VENDORS ˚º ∞ §••
Northern Lights Glass
UP Pinecones
String Art Incident
Brittney Townsend : The Spoon Girl
Katie Jay
Blair Mongeon Arts
Indigo Foxx Creations
Liz Yelland
Blair Marie
Taylor Ehle : Eco Fashion Designer
Hilary Bloch
Nina Lehto
Peace Crane Mobiles
Adorned Smithing Company : Emerson Graves
Northern Waters Glass

Liz Yelland
Jessica LePage
Blair Mongeon

Justin Berkel – 2:40 Media Productions

Bright Star Astrology and Healing Arts : Jen Howell
Empowering Lightworks : Roslyn Elena McGrath
Integrative Massage : Jane Hendrick

The Beckys

º•§ EMCEE §•º
Mercedes Benzova

† Raffle drawings during the evening to those who donated $5 to MQT Growth †
* Stay tuned for the schedule and more artists *
∞ This is an All Ages Event ∞

• The Creactivation Collective unifies community through artistic and transformational events. Please check out our FB page to stay up to date on upcoming events in the Marquette area •

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