Team Associated Off-Road Championships

November 2, 2016 12:00 pm @ 12:00 PM – November 6, 2016 7:00 pm @ 7:00 PM
Trackside Hobbies & Raceway

2016 Team Associated Off-Road Championships

Just when you thought that 2015 was the high water mark for new cars and trucks, 2016 comes along and raises the bar again. The new release ticker reads like a who’s who in the racing world – Team Associated, Kyosho, TLR. Each of the major marquees released long-awaited kits to their already killer stables. Many will say “So what?,” well, now it’s time to put them all to the test at one of the best racing locations in the Midwest. Along with one of the most exciting kit releases of the year comes a new name and sponsor to the beloved annual event – The 2016 Team Associated Off-Road Championships.

That’s right! Despite Mother Nature’s argument, the summer months are drawing to a close and reign of the mosquito is nearing its end. Naturally, these changes herald the coming of many things: fall, football, and of course the most important of them all: racing! Once again, Trackside will play host to some of the very best in the world during the first week of November. RC Racers across the country will be traveling from the east and west coasts, the high altitudes of Colorado, and many other exotic locales like Green Bay, Lake Forest and Saint Paul. All descend on Milwaukee to take home the hardware in their favorite class!

Still reeling from last year’s tedious contract negotiations we have bowed to all demands and once again obtained the world-renowned golden throat of Scotty Ernst to announce the event.

As has now been the format for several years, the 2016 Team Associated Off-Road Championships will run over a total of 5 days – 2 days of practice, 2 days of qualifying and one day of hot Mains!

Wed Nov 2nd: Practice Day #1 (Open Practice, 11am – 8pm, $10 Fee)
Thurs Nov 3rd: Practice Day #2 (Controlled Practice, 11am – 8pm No Fee)
Fri Nov 4th: Qualifying Day #1 (Open at 7am, 2 Rounds of Qualifying begin at 9am)
Sat Nov 5th: Qualifying Day #2 (Open at 8am, 2 Rounds of Qualifying begin at 9am)
Sun Nov 6th: MAINS DAY!! (Open at 7am, Mains begin at 8am – Awards to follow)
Modified 2WD Buggy
Modified 4WD Buggy
Modified 2WD Short Course Truck
Modified Stadium Truck
4WD Short Course Truck
13.5 4WD Buggy (ROAR 13.5 Brushless, Blinky ESC)
Stock Buggy (ROAR 17.5 Brushless, Blinky ESC)
Stock 2WD Short Course Truck (ROAR 17.5 Brushless, Blinky ESC)

Sportsman Class features a 5 Minute A-Main
All Short Course classes feature 2 bump-ups and a 7 minute A-Main
All other classes feature Triple-A Mains
Qualifying will be based upon Qual Points
AMB/MyLaps Transponders Only, house transponders available for racing.

Class Rules and Guidelines:
The 2016 Team Associated Off-Road Championships will adhere to the guidelines set forth by ROAR for the given classes. Please refer to ROAR guidelines for class specific rules (Chassis Specs, Battery Spec, Motor Spec, etc.) If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask!! All vehicles will be subject to technical inspection as needed.

Class rules and guidelines can also be found at

Safe Charging Rules:
10 Amp Maximum Charge Rate
Battery must be within 10 degrees Fahrenheit of ambient temperature
Max charge voltage of 8.44 for a 2S pack
LiPo fire-safe bag must be used for charging
Pit Mat/Towel is required
We WILL be spot checking any and all racers for the above rules! These are safety requirements and are not open to discussion.

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