Support Marquette City Nondiscrimination Ordinance

December 14, 2015 5:15 pm @ 5:15 PM – 6:15 PM
Marquette City Hall
room 103

UPDATE: 12/14 5:15pm: cocos is closed, we will be meeting at TACO BELL beforehand for those who are still interested in meeting.

Marquette City Commission meeting does not start until 7pm! We will be meeting at Coco’s beforehand (optional) at 5:15 to review the ordinance, discuss our personal accounts of discrimination, and make a plan for if the ordinance should fail.

Show up en-masse at the commission meeting December 14th. Be there to let your voices be heard!
The marquette city commission passed the consent agenda at their last meeting without comment or opposition.
This means we are on for a public hearing on December 14th and we need to marshal some powerful presentations for that night
Even if all individuals offer is that they will be present, stand up and identify themselves and say they favor the ordinance.
We have fought for 17 months to get to this point. We must not assume that passage is a certainty. We must present a forceful case on December 14th.
This ordinance, when passed, will ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity in Marquette. We will be the 1st city in the Upper Peninsula with such an ordinance!
You can find the draft ordinance as an attachment to the agenda, at pages 83-89. The agenda and attachments can be found through the link at:
What this means is: We must be prepared to show up en masse on December 14, 2015!!!!!
Personal accounts of being discriminated against within the city of marquette, in housing, employment, services, or any other way will be a powerful tool to get this ordinance passed. Please spread the word by whatever means you can think of to encourage people to come forward at the public hearing to share their experiences (or to tell their stories to you so that you can share their experiences for them, if they prefer anonymity).
Please reach out as well to any groups that you know to have interests in this ordinance, so as to drum up as many people as possible to speak in favor of this proposal.
This is really really important!!!
Can we count on you to help get this ordinance enacted by letting our city commission know that discrimination has and continues to happen in Marquette ?
Please feel free to forward this to anyone and everyone who may care about our efforts.
And, witnesses need not be residents of Marquette. So long as you do business in, shop, and/or eat out in Marquette, your stories are relevant to our proposal and you will be protected from discrimination if this ordinance is enacted.

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