SOULstice Gathering

December 18, 2015 7:11 pm @ 7:11 PM – 11:11 PM
715 N. 4th St.
MI 49855

The Creactivation Collective cordially invites you to the SOULstice Gathering

Opening of the space at 7:30 pm with a Cacao and Rapé (pronounced Ha-Pey) ceremony (optional) + group meditation to follow. Bring an intention and/or a question that needs empowerment or clarity as you move into the still and silent months. Following the opening, yummy raw and organic treats and teas will be offered. There will be music as we socialize and play the rest of the evening. Please wear comfy clothing (ie pajamas and sweatpants! yay!) as we invite you to express in play – yoga, cuddling, lounging, and/or dancing. It is encouraged to continue to check in internally with your intention you brought throughout the evening – you may just find more gifts and insights through the experience when you open yourself up to that in this container. At the end of the evening, we will gather for a short final meditation and closing of the space at 11:11 pm.

The collective is hoping to bring people together in a new way, building spaces where we can gather to connect into our heart spaces and tune in with integrity. Medicines of your choice are accepted but we ask that you please use with deep respect, responsibility, and intention. This sacred space and sanctuary asks for your honesty and integrity, and we are in a ceremonious contanier where we are holding space for ourselves as well as our brothers and sisters and all beings. If something or someone does not feel in alignment with the energetic grid being held, they will be asked to leave to keep the container clear and protected. Thank you for your understanding.

Participation in Cacao and Rape Ceremony
§ Cacao opens up the blood vessels bringing more blood flow to the body, this plant offers us much healing in the heart space gently opening one up to self-love. Used for centuries by the Mayan and Aztec tribes for medicinal purposes. Cacao releases dopamine and phynethylamine – together they bring feelings of pleasure, lower stress, and heighten sensitivity and empathy.
§ Rapé is an ash tobacco that is administered through the nose. It is deeply cleansing to all the bodies, and is brought to us by the Yawanawa tribe in Brazil. This medicine can help one find their center, remove energy blockages, and can brings a calming effect. Rapé helps clears the sinuses and decalcifies the pineal gland. There is a slight chance that a purge (vomiting, crying, sneezing) may come afterwards, but it is rare, but if it happens, you will be held safely and guided through the process. If you choose to partake in either of these plant ceremonies, please be free of any other medicines so you can tune into the frequency and the healing potency they offer.
Together these subtle, yet powerful medicinal plants can allow for us to align deeply with our intentions, ourselves, and each other. Again, the ceremonies are optional.

Donations are accepted – this right relation with equal energy exchange allows for other gatherings to happen and will go towards the Creativation Collective – this follows the spiritual law of reciprocity. No one will be turned away for lack of funds, but if that is the case, please leave an energetic love offering over the altar space through prayer, calling in abundance for all beings. Thank you – the world appreciates it <3

If anyone has something they would like to offer, please let me know. Would be great to have someone reading cards or offering hand massages or a yummy treat. Message me if you feel called to share!

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