Public Hearing June 13th: Patio on Rosewood

June 13, 2016 7:00 pm @ 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
300 W Baraga Ave
Marquette, MI 49855-4712
United States

Please come to express your support for the patio on the Rosewood Walkway for Daniel’s Rutz’s wine bar!!! Read below for the facts and an important update!

In follow up to the discussion regarding the patio located in the Rosewood Parkway adjacent to 215 South Front Street, we did some investigation with our contractors. We learned that it seems there is some confusion regarding the permitting and licensing processes. It was their understanding that the cement permits and the approved site plan provided the necessary permissions to BUILD the patio. The license in question last week, that was approved by the city planning team and recommended for passage, would stipulate the USE of the patio.

The architect nor the contractor were aware of a condition for a license to be secured before building the patio, instead it was their understanding that the license was needed to use the patio after it was built.

In talking with them, they aren’t sure where we went wrong. They had a permit that includes the installation of the patio. The wine bar will need a license to USE the patio – which is the license for which we were applying. At this point, the patio hasn’t been used. So they aren’t sure that there was an infraction to the code.

The contractor built the patio in accordance with the timeline, code, and project plan. If there was an error in interpretation, it was not intentional. We also believe this issue was moved from the consent agenda last Monday and given undue scrutiny for political reasons – not because of a discrepancy in paperwork or a sequencing oversight.

We continue to appreciate and value your support. See you Monday, June 13th!!!

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