June 15, 2016 9:00 pm @ 9:00 PM – June 18, 2016 12:00 am @ 12:00 AM
It's ONLINE! It's wherever you and your computer/phone happen to be on 6/15

GUYS! Essential Oils are all the rage and guess what? They’re not just for women, children, & pets, they’re actually pretty amazing for the male gender too.
Who knew?!

Join us online 6/15 9pm ET so you can learn more about how men can use Young Living essential oils – we’ll cover areas like: outdoors, exercise, grooming, bedroom and more.
Some of you even have these bottles of goodness in your homes already, so you may as well learn how YOU can benefit from them too!

LADIES, this class is for you to attend too for the men in your life; you can help them out with which oils they may like best and with some great recipes and ideas for all things manly.
I’ve set this up so you can invite friends too so feel free to share the love and invite your male and female friends who you think can benefit – pretty much everyone then!

Besides all the awesome knowledge you’ll gain, you’ll also have a chance to win a free gift just for attending.
Whoop – see you next week!


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