Let’s Go Rowing and Watch the Sunset

August 28, 2016 7:07 pm @ 7:07 PM – 10:07 PM
Presque Isle Upper Harbor Boat Ramp

We’ll be enjoying the sunset Sunday Funday and you are invited to join us on the inland sea.

Meet at Presque Isle Upper Harbor Boat Ramp at 7:07pm on Sunday the 28th. The Boat Ramp is between the Ore Dock and the Marina.

Our boat has space available for 6 oarswomen and oarsmen. We also have a few seats open for people who do not want to row. The maximum capacity of the boat is 11 people. Kiddos are welcome, provided parents came along with a life jacket that fits said little people.

Our vessel is a 32 feet long Cornish Pilot Gig, named Lark, which was built over 5 years by dedicated members of our Marquette community.

This particular boat design has historic roots way back to the early 1800s along the coast of southwestern coast of England. These boats were used to transport the local pilot to incoming sailing vessels, as the first boat rowed to the ship offshore earned the job of guiding the vessel through the treacherous shoals of the harbor. The design of this boat evolved over generations to be both fast and seaworthy.

Pilot Gigs have been adopted by many youth and adult rowing programs in Europe and the United States today. Including our own boat that was built right here in Marquette.

Look for the big red boat.

However your evening unfolds, have fun out there!


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