Emotional Freedom (EFT) for KIDS… of all ages

March 9, 2016 6:00 pm @ 6:00 PM – 6:45 PM
Ishpeming Carnegie Public Library

Having a meltdown? EFT can help, it’s “Mother’s Little Helper”. Learn how everyone can calm down, no matter what age.

Play with a de-stressing tool that is always right at your fingertips, 24 hours per day, to calm your household. Kids and adults can tap along to lower stress in their physiology.

THIS PROGRAM is designed for kids (and adults). Everyone learns and benefits together as you learn self-tools with your little ones.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is an effective self-tool that lowers stress in the body as it releases blocks and distractions.

Created in the 1990s by a Stanford engineer, Gary Craig, as a shortened form of (TFT) Thought Field Therapy. EFT involves tapping with fingertips on specific points of the face and upper body while mentally focusing on a distressful memory or thought.

Uses for EFT:

*Reduces stress
*Eliminate cravings
*Helps with traumatic events form the past
*Resolves anxiety over the future
*Correct self-sabotaging thought patterns
*Neutralizes emotional pain, including fear and persistent sadness

You have to experience it to believe it!
For more information, check out www.eftuniverse.com
Thanks for considering! And, if you can’t attend, but have friends in the area who might be interested, please consider sharing or inviting them to “like” Peaceshine’s page.

Come get your relaxation on!


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