Darwin Week 2016

February 9, 2016 7:00 pm – February 11, 2016 6:59 pm all-day
Northern Michigan University

Charles Darwin was born on February 12, 1809. To honor his contributions, the Department of Biology at NMU is sponsoring a series of events.

Tuesday, February 9, 7 PM in Jamrich 1322
PBS video “Your Inner Fish”. How did your body become the complicated, quirky, amazing machine it is today? Anatomist Neil Shubin uncovers the answers in this new look at human evolution. Using fossils, embryos and genes, he reveals how our bodies are the legacy of ancient fish, reptiles and primates — the ancestors you never knew were in your family tree. The video will be followed by a Q&A session featuring Biology Department faculty.

Wednesday, February 10, 7 PM in Jamrich 1322
“Darwin Live!” by Steve Waller. On the Origin of Species changed the world – it has been voted the most influential academic book in history. But Darwin’s journey to publish was much longer and more complicated than the time he spent voyaging on the ship HMS Beagle. Join Darwin (portrayed by Steve Waller) for 90 minutes and discover for yourself the evolution of the man and his idea.

Thursday, February 11, 4 PM: Frozen Fossils Snow Sculpture Contest
Build your favorite creature (living or extinct) in the Academic Mall. Sculptures will be judged Thursday, February 11 at 4 PM. Extra points for sculptures illustrating evolution. Cool prizes! Sign up if you want a pre-made snow blob to start your sculpture.

Thursday, February 11, 7 PM, in the Ore Dock Brewery
Neil Cumberlidge will present: “Where Did We Come From? New Genetic Evidence For Human Evolution“ as part of the continuing Science on Tap series. The presentation will be upstairs in the community space of the brewery.


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