Bern It U.P.

March 4, 2016 6:00 pm @ 6:00 PM – March 5, 2016 10:30 pm @ 10:30 PM

Marquette: March 4th
Escanaba: March 5th

Join us in spreading the word about Bernie’s campaign and raise voter awareness for the upcoming election. Every single vote is incredibly important as the race is neck & neck.

So bring your friends who don’t feel like voting, or whom are on the fence. This is an opportunity for us to really try and make a difference and show people how much of a difference their vote can make.

MQT: Women’s Federated Clubhouse
$5-20 suggested donation. All proceeds go to Bernie Sanders’ campaign.

6:45 Mike Waite & Russell Thorburn
7:40 Sycamore Smith
8:20 Gerko
9:00 Tarp
9:40 Ladoga
10:20 Wildhack

Esky: Bowl-A-Rama
$10 at the door gets you show access, 2 games of bowling/shoe rental (or pizza and a small drink) and $3 of each ticket goes to Bernie’s campaign.

5:45 Ryan Harvey
6:30 Track 5
7:15 Sophomore Slump
8:00 The Mustard Tigers
8:45 Grounded
9:30 Dragged To Shore

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