U.P. Entrepreneurs mentioned during State of the State

U.P. Entrepreneurs mentioned during State of the State

LANSING — Gov. Rick Snyder spent a majority of the State of the State Address on the Flint Water Crisis.

The Upper Peninsula did get a shout out from the governor, in the form of the work that’s being done at Northern Michigan University.

“I made a trip to the Upper Peninsula last year and I went and visited Northern Michigan University. They took me to a place that I think is an old bank branch. It wasn’t even near campus that much. I walked in and it was about students helping inventors. The inventors were walking in with ideas; the students were talking with those inventors about the ones that can be made into real products. It’s happening, right up in Marquette today,” said Snyder.

“The community here in Marquette and the U.P. in general are very pro–entrepreneurship and really have some of the assets and skill base that is needed to create an ecosystem that can support the development and creation of new start–ups and innovative ideas,” said Ray Johnson, Marquette SmartZone CEO.

Invent at NMU has been on campus since 2014. NMU students help inventors take their products from the design aspect to the marketplace.