Enjoy pan-fried fish and a unique view for Restaurant Week

Enjoy pan-fried fish and a unique view for Restaurant Week

MARQUETTE — Marquette’s Restaurant Week – which ran for a little longer than a week this year – wraps up today. Even if you missed out on this week’s specials, there’s always time to get a tasty bite to eat from one of the 17 participating restaurants.

While many of the eateries are downtown, Coco’s proximity to Lake Superior offers a unique view for those coming to enjoy some unique food. The restaurant took advantage of the event to show off a popular menu item.

“Our pan-fried walleye has been a big, huge hit. So what we did is we put that out for Restaurant Week so that we could get people to try it and know that we’re going to put it on our regular menu so we’ll have it daily,” said owner Jackie Gonda.

Gonda says the event has drawn local residents as well as visitors from the Keweenaw and beyond.

“We’re all thrilled to be able to do this, and it’s so nice to see new people come in and try all our different foods, because we’re all different, and we all love what we do,” Gonda added.

In addition to the delightful dishes that are available each day at the restaurant itself, Coco’s takes pride in the catering services it provides for graduations, birthday parties, and more. The restaurant is even available to host those parties in-house.