Educators organize crisis management team

Educators organize crisis management team

KEWEENAW — A group of educators and community members in the Copper Country are getting together so they can be ready the next time a crisis strikes. ABC 10’s Rick Allen has the story.

It is hoped that they will never have to face a crisis, but if they do, schools in the Copper Country will be better prepared for it.

At the first meeting of the Area–Wide Crisis Management Team, organizers talked about the need for such a group.

Copper Country Intermediate School District Superintendent George Stockero said, “Every school has their own crisis management team but sometimes they need help—to help them go through the process and help debrief them, be a tool or a guide. So, it’s helping the local schools provide the best service they can to their families and kids in times of need.”

Representatives from every local school were present, along with members of the clergy, mental health field, law enforcement, urgent care and a psychologist.

A community–based crisis management team already exists and this new group will lean heavily on their expertise.
A great deal of work needs to be done before the team can rise to the challenge of a crisis, but this was a good start.

Stockero said, “The next step is to try to get more training set up for everyone, and then start meeting with each other to create the plan, to create ‘what is our purpose?’ and ‘how can we help the local schools?’ And, to reach out to the local schools to see what they think they need from us.”

The team plans on meeting together again in April.