Economic future after the Empire Mine closes

Economic future after the Empire Mine closes

MARQUETTE — We live in a community that was basically created by the mining and timber industries.

So with the Empire Mine set to permanently close in twenty sixteen, that will leave an impact on the economic status of the community. That’s why there are people hard at work to not only keep them employed, but within the area as well.

Even though at some point this year hundreds of employees will no longer hold a position with the Empire Mine, there are still reasons for these skilled workers to stick around. Lake Superior Community Partnership CEO Amy Clickner says the plan is to focus on the things that can be controlled.

“One is the workforce,” said Lake Superior Community Partnership CEO Amy Clickner, “because retaining those folks that may not have a job after the Empire closes is going to be critical. Right now the biggest asset communities are selling to businesses are your workforce. We want to retain these extremely skilled and experienced workers for somewhere else, or attract a business that can handle them or have another company diversify and grow and take care of that.”

Clickner added the need to maintain vendors and customers of the mine along with diversifying the communities’ portfolio.

“We do need to be aware that these changes are scheduled. We need to take them seriously and we need to work to get over them. We’re resilient here; we will get this figured out, but we all need to be on the same page.”

We’ll keep you updated with the process of the mine as time goes on.