DNR reaches one millionth deer check

DNR reaches one millionth deer check

MARQUETTE — The Michigan DNR has reached a milestone today by adding its one millionth deer check to the database.

The DNR has been collecting records for individual deer for more than fifty years.Checking one million deer in this time frame has shown the departments commitment to collecting data and the level of cooperation received from the hunters.

Michigan DNR Wildlife Biologist, Brian Roell said, “What it really shows is that we have a really good data set to look over a long period of time. To look back into the history at what has been going on with deer. We can look at how regulation changes effect those, we look at winter weather, we look at predators, we look at the regulation process. It is all rolled into a very complex system that controls our deer herd.”

Hunters are strongly encouraged to bring their harvested deer to check stations to collect data to help support surveillance for diseases such as TB and Chronic Wasting Disease.

“It’s one gauge we can use to look at success rates. We always know how many licenses we sell and then we can look at the percentage of deer we have coming in. Obviously it is not a mandatory check so we don’t see every deer. But we continue to look at all the deer that come in across the state, not only for Chronic Wasting but also for signs of TB, which is another concern in our state.”

Hunters who would still like to check their deer harvested this season can visit a deer check station by Friday, January 8th.