Deputy superintendent visits local school

Deputy superintendent visits local school

L’ANSE — Despite the cold and blowing snow, a special visitor made her way to L’Anse Area Schools Friday morning.

Susan Broman, Deputy Superintendent at the Michigan Department of Education’s Office of Great Start, stopped by to hear about how the department can better provide customer service to the local district. Through her tour of several U.P. schools, Broman says issues such as lack of funding and the desire to have more streamlined paperwork through the department are among those that have come up.

“I’ve heard consistently, and I think this is especially acute in the Upper Peninsula, is a lack of mental health services to help students who are struggling in the area,” said Broman. “So it’s not just education. It’s all the different services that students need.”

“I think it’s great that we’ve had this opportunity to have Susan visit our district,” said Susan Tollefson, Interim Superintendent at L’Anse Area Schools. “We’ve been able to give some feedback in different areas that would be beneficial to our district and some compliments to some of the MDE personnel that our staff works with.”

After meeting with school board officials and teachers, Broman took a tour of the facilities, including a second grade classroom that utilizes Chromebooks as a learning tool. Tollefson said that maintaining the initially grant–funded Chromebook program was one of the concerns they brought to Broman’s attention.