Day four of Russell trial

Day four of Russell trial

CRYSTAL FALLS — It was the 4th day of trial for an Iron River woman who was arrested in connection with the death of a three-month-old infant.

Thursday marked day four in the trial of people versus Brittany Russell. Russell is charged with Felony Murder of a three-month-old.

Wednesday brought testimony from individuals who saw Russell recently before the baby was injured. Thursday heard testimony from two truck drivers who allegedly spoke with Russell around the same time on the same day the baby was injured.

Thomas Allen and Eric Killonen’s garbage collection route includes Grant Street in Iron River where the incident occurred. They both mentioned that they briefly spoke with Russell after they had passed her residence and made the loop back. The two described her demeanor as giddy and apologetic for being late with her trash. The two garbage men stated that she had one trash bag. Allen recalled seeing a ‘pack and play’ on the side of the building.

Critical Care Paramedic and Regional Manager with Valley Med Flight Jacob Smith also took the stand. Smith discussed the treatment of the infant, Penny – Anne as she was transported to the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, located in Milwaukee.

Later on, Iron River Police Department Chief Frizzo began her testimony.

Chief Frizzo’s re–enactment video done with Russell after the incident was shown to the jury. The video shows Russell displaying her thoughts and recollection recently after the situation occurred. Also in the video, Russell described the position the baby was in when she placed her inside the ‘pack and play’, and the position she was in when she says she returned. The video also shows Chief Frizzo speaking with another child who was in the residence at the time.

Trial will resume on Friday with more testimony. The trial is expected to go through next week.