CTE meeting discusses improving preparation for after high school

CTE meeting discusses improving preparation for after high school

MARQUETTE — A Career Technical Education meeting held today involved a number of various groups. But they’re all working toward the same goal of improving student’s futures.

The meeting was held at MARESA and covered several different ways of how to improve informing students about their various options after high school. But part of the plan includes providing the information to students at an even younger age.

“We think that the kids in 7th or 8th grade ought to have an opportunity to at least look at the skilled trades,” said Marquette/Alger CTE Committee Chairman Stu Bradley, “not that they’re going to make a decision at the time; but if they go out there and get some good hands–on experience as a 7th or an 8th grader, then maybe when they’re in 11th or 12th grade they’ll make a decision if that will be a good opportunity for them.”

Members at the meeting also discussed the desire to improve internship opportunities with two goals in mind. One is providing the information to the students and the other deals with various businesses.

“To have businesses understand that there is an opportunity for them to have an internship student,” said MARESA Education Consultant Sandy Meyskens, “and what benefits there are to that. The benefits are that the business is helping to mold and help students to get into their future careers.”

We’ll tell you how Westwood High School students are getting an opportunity to explore different CTE programs on Friday.