Controversial “gag-order” bill to reach Governor desk

Controversial “gag-order” bill to reach Governor desk

LANSING — A controversial bill has reached Governor Rick Snyder’s desk after many amendments from state senators and representatives.

M–Live reports that Senate Bill 571– also known as the Michigan Campaign Finance Act – would prohibit a public body or official from using public resources for communications referencing a local proposal.

Some senators say that the bill would prevent free speech and hurt locals schools and public institutions, like libraries.
Superintendent for NICE Community Schools Bryan DeAugustine agrees with that and says that this bill not only tries to solve a non–existent problem, but it also limits information sharing.

“It is interesting that on the heels of Citizen’s United where corporations were given the ability to act as if they were individuals and their free speech was protected,” said Superintendent Bryan DeAugustine. “In this case with our public bodies, that free speech is being truncated by preventing us from just sharing information, and that doesn’t seem like a good move to me. I think that sharing information usually leads to good decisions and preventing information from being shared usually is a big stumbling block, and communication is the key to getting things right.”

We will have more on this ongoing story tomorrow right here on ABC 10, when we sit down with state senator Tom Casperson to discuss the legislation.