Congressional candidate visits Copper Country

Congressional candidate visits Copper Country

HANCOCK — A downstate Republican is touring the Upper Peninsula talking to residents about issues important to them.

Former State Senator Jason Allen says he wants to represent Northern Michigan in Congress. Allen has been campaigning throughout the 1st Congressional District that stretches across 32 counties and he visited Houghton County on Saturday. He says his number one issue is to help create jobs for the next generation.

Congressional Candidate Jason Allen (R-Traverse City) said, “Part of that is making sure that we have a regulatory environment that allows for growth-less regulation, reduction in taxation, whether it’s a flat tax or some simplified way that small businesses and entrepreneurs can get businesses started to create jobs for their families and the next generations in the Upper Peninsula.”

His goals also include shoring up our national defense.

Allen said, “We have the smallest Air Force since before the Second World War, the smallest Army since 1940, and the smallest Navy since the first Roosevelt administration before the First World War.”

Allen also spoke on taking care of our area’s veterans and protecting the rights of free speech and gun ownership. He also pledges not to raise taxes.

Allen said, “I’m a conservative. I am the only member that can sign the Americans For Tax Reform and I’ll represent the entire district well.”

The Traverse City Republican will go up against State Senator Tom Casperson from Escanaba in the August primary.